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Friday, July 18, 2008

Culture 101

Every culture is unique. Each has its own set of norms, does and don'ts, etc. There are also things that are found in most every culture. For example, mothers are usually the primary caregivers for the children. Men are usually the ones to do the manual labor. Children don't obey their parents (Oops, did I say that?). Obviously, these aren't written in stone but they are generally true.
While sitting at McDonald's the other day I made a new cultural observation. I was pounding a McPollo Sandwich when I noticed this old dude at the table next to ours. As I checked out his hairdo it hit me: The Comb-over is universal. This was truly a revelation. I thought comb-overs were only found in the States. OK, to this guys credit, his basically began at the part in his hair and traveled due East until it reached his other ear. He wasn't trying to throw down the Benny Hinn look which, aside from being hideous, is completely hilarious and sad. No, this fellow was just trying to hang on to his youth like any other guy. News Flash: No one was fooled but hey, Pura Vida.

Observation #2: Ticos just call it like they see it and that is totally acceptable. Political Correctness is absolutely nowhere to be found in this lovely country. If someone is "heavy/overweight" they are addressed as "Gordo"(fat). They don't see it as saying, "Hey, Fatty!" The person is simply big and they are simply referring to the big guy. If a guy is of Asian descent you call him "Chino." I have no clue what our pastor's name is because everyone calls him Pastor Chino. My teacher made 4 references to Chinos eating dogs and cats this week in class. We were all cringing in our seats and she was like, "Well it's true." NO COMMENT!

I just hope I'm not around when an overweight Asian man with a comb-over walks into a pet store.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Becoming More Like Jesus

The goal of every Christian should be to become more like Jesus everyday of his/her life. Some days and weeks are better than others. Those of you who are followers of Christ know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you? At times, you hit a spiritual growth spurt and you feel so close to the Lord as you are being conformed to his image. Then there are those times when you seem to be going nowhere spiritually. Even when you read His Word, you don't seem to get anything out of it.

Missionaries are no different. We have the same capabilities as you: To Grow & To Grow Stagnant. I personally want to thank each of you who remembers to pray for us. We cannot do this without the prayer support of the people who love us. We think of you guys often and it is good to know that we haven't been forgotten.

As you pray for us remember to pray...

  • for our spiritual growth
  • for our physical health and safety
  • for language acquisition
  • for our family life
  • for the boys

This weekend we became more like Christ in one area of our lives. We did not choose this nor would we choose it again but, last weekend we were without running water from Thursday to Sunday. And so we went without showers for the better part of 4 days. The Lord didn't exactly have access to an awesome showerhead, under which he could shower on a daily basis either. At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days. He probably had some serious B.O. too (Remember he was fully God and fully man).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Tune WILL Get Stuck In Your Head (My Bad)

I have discovered quite possibly the most random video EVER made. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite finds on the internet.
Remember Highlights magazine which could be found in any doctor's office across America. There was always that one page that had random objects hidden in a bigger picture. You are about to experience the musical version of that page.
To prove its randomness, I have made a list of things that can be found in the video.

  • Way too many overalls
  • Shorty shorts - shirt + jacket= sweetness
  • Deja Vu of the closing scene from "Nacho Libre"
  • Safari hats topped with pinwheels
  • Frying pan
  • 4 yr. old drummer wearing Paris Hilton's shades
  • The most amazing elbow dance ever created

When you're ready to be blown away, go to the very bottom of my blog and push pause on the project playlist so you'll be able to hear the music in the video clip. Then buckle your seatbelt and hold on for dear life.

Isn't Spanish AWESOME?

music llamas listen to :)