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Thursday, February 7, 2008

In the Beginning

We have reached our destination in VA and have started our training. Everything is going well and the boys are having a lot of fun meeting new friends and playing sports everyday.

Here is our typical schedule (in my opinion):

  1. Get up way too early (and you still miss breakfast)
  2. Go to morning seminars
  3. Go to lunch
  4. Go to afternoon seminars
  5. Play with the kids for an hour or so
  6. Go to dinner between 5-6pm only (that's just crazy)
  7. Play basketball for an hour or so (not nearly long enough)
  8. Campus turns into a ghost town at 8pm sharp (weird, huh?)

That's basically our life for the next 7 weeks. The seminars are very informative and usually very challenging spiritually. I have already felt hugely inadequate to carry out the task set before us. I have said this over and over but I'll say it again: I am just a regular, common, ordinary person just like you. There is not one ounce of 'super-spirituality' in my whole being. I simply said, "I'll go where you send me Lord." Imagine if the Lord sent you half way around the world to make his name known to a people who have never heard. Think of how dwarfed you would feel from such an awesome responsibility. Now you are beginning to get a glimpse of what is going through our hearts and minds.

Here are a few things that we would ask you to pray for:

  • That we would fall deeper in love with the Lord Jesus than we ever have before.
  • That we would seek His face in earnest prayer everyday.
  • That we would weep over the lost like Jesus did.
  • That we would boldly share the message of the cross.

Thanks for caring.

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