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Monday, March 24, 2008

Almost finished

We are happy to report that we will be finished with orientation in one week! Next Wednesday 4/2 to be exact. Our time here has been a blessing for sure. However, a man's stomach can only handle so much cafeteria food and then it goes on a hunger strike. My limit is drawing very near.

If you had our Vonage ph.# and tried to use it, you quickly realized that we disconnected it. The internet out here is so slow we couldn't even use an internet phone. We are trying to decide what service to use when we go to Costa Rica & Peru. We are leaning toward using Skype. That is basically a computer to computer call over the internet. We will even be able to make video calls using our webcam. It is pretty sad when you have to move out of the country to get high-speed internet.

As far as the family goes, the boys are having a great time here. We have seen God working in both of their lives over the past few weeks. Trevor read all 507 pages of his Beginner's Bible in less than one week. His teacher said that he would lay under the table and read it during playtime. He also surprised us one day when he just started quoting all of these long Bible verses from memory. We were like, "What in the world?" I have been praying that God would give Trevor a hunger and passion for His Word and the Lord keeps answering, "YES, YES, YES!"

My prayer for Jordan has been that God would make him a bold witness for the Lord Jesus Christ and that God would use him to witness to his new friends overseas. Already, Jordan has been learning how to share his faith with people. His favorite method is using Chronological Bible Storying. He asked me one day if he could share the story of Jesus' baptism with our small group which consist of 19 people. He did a great job! He also told me the other day that he wanted to get a Beginner's Bible in Spanish so he could tell the stories to the children in Peru. God answers prayers!!!

Thanks for all of your prayers.


MooreClan said...

What a blessing!

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

That's incredible! We really miss you guys and hope to get to make a trip to OTB (On the Border in case you've forgotten...). Steven and Shad are missing their Fifa partner!

Anonymous said...

I love those little ninos. Please tell them not to wrestle b/c it says in the Bible not to wrestle your neighbor.

Brandy Haynes said...

Ya'll are amazing!

Patti said...

Hey Penningtons! I pray you guys are doing well, getting some rest and that your packing process is going well. Know that we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of you and will continue praying for you.

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