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Monday, May 5, 2008

Sorry Miriam

I've been reprimanded for not updating the blog. I'll try to do better but face it, I'm a slacker!

This is what we "have" to look at when we step out of the classroom... EVERYDAY!

This is a picture of 2 gringos at the language school where we will be studying. All they have to do is turn around and they will have seen more mountains than most Texans will see in a lifetime. All that while leaning on a palm tree:)
This is just a taste of our new ministry setting. Now that I know how to post pictures I'll try to put them on regularly.
Thanks for noticing.


Some thoughts... said...

that's funny, that's what we look at too! palm trees and everything!! haha...i'm glad things are going well!!

Mike & Miriam Adams said...

I don't know if this was directed to me or another Miriam but I am glad to see the updates! Mom and Dad said that things are going well in CR and they are getting adjusted to the area. I can't believe that you have to rough it in such harsh conditions for the next year in language school!

We're already planning our trip down in December!!

Praying for you and the others as you begin class this week.

Miriam and Mike Adams

Haley said...

Looks rough!

Helmbachers said...

Hey Jordan and Trevor--look alive.

val said...

Hey Brian!
just viewed your site. you are doing a great job and the boys are sooo cute! getting so big since we last saw them. sounds like everyone is having a great time. we are so proud of you all. keep up the great work!

music llamas listen to :)