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Monday, August 25, 2008

Waste Not

I'm just going to pretend like the last 3 weeks never happened so I won't feel guilty for not updating my blog for the 2 people that actually read it. Actually, it was a time filled with final exams at language school, an oral proficiency exam, and a visit/vacation with my parents. Not fun, Not fun, and fun (respectively).

The past couple of months God has put a thought/idea/truth on my heart that I think of everyday and I want to throw it out there for you to consider.
"Worship is never wasted" This is the thought that I wake up with and carry with me throughout the day. When I close my eyes at night it is there.
Now let me explain what the Lord has shown me in these 4 words. Over the past 2-3 months we have learned: One of our dear friends was diagnosed with cancer; A missionary colleague and mother of 5 suddenly died on the mission field; A young college graduate died in a car accident while serving as a summer missionary in Peru; A friend of ours had to return from her field of service due to back surgery. That is a lot of disheartening news over such a short period of time. All of these individuals love/loved the Lord and are/were following Him in obedience. As I began to think about 'worship' God showed me something. The very root of true worship is obedience. It is impossible to worship the Lord while you are walking in disobedience. If you haven't tried it, Don't (just take my word for it).
When most people think of a 30 something dad of 3 young boys having cancer, or a mother of 5 dying suddenly, or a recent college grad dying tragically, or a 22-23 yr. old with back surgery to the point she has to go home from the mission field they think, "What a waste!" Honestly, that was my initial reaction to such news. That's where it all started. I still see the news as extremely sad but I have a new perspective.
As a christian, I am called to offer myself as a living sacrifice to God. This is an act of worship. God knows the details. He knows I have a wife, 2 young sons, that my desire is to tell people how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that I'm a "good person" or whatever. He knows all of that. But if something happens to me or my family while we are walking in obedience does that make God bad or unloving? I say, "No!" We live the way we live out of worship, not for some earthly reward. If our lives of worship are "cut short" or altered, they will be "cut short" or altered by the one receiving our worship. By the one who doesn't allow worship to be wasted.


Anonymous said...

If it takes three weeks to get this post then you should wait another three weeks!

While I missed your usual humor and/or satire, your words have blessed my heart this morning. You and Jenn know as well as anyone how we've been doing the last couple days. Thank you for this post- I can explain later in a more personal medium, but this post is exactly what I MUST remember!

Peace out,


Melissa said...

awesome Brian, thanks for the reminder. Hey, I've sent your prayer card to a life group bible study in Burlington, NC. They are interested in praying for young couples on the mission field. You guys came to my mind immediately. Her name is Denise Sawyer. I'm sure you;ll hear from her soon. Take care. We're always prayin, Melissa Childers

Anonymous said...

Hey, What a blessing your words were to me because as you know, I have faced a number of difficulties on the mission field before and am sure there are more to come. God is sufficient though and your reminder that each thing I do is an act of worship blessed me. We miss ya'll alot! I have the picture of all of us next to my bed so that I can remember to pray for both you and Jen and the boys each day. I cannot wait until ya'll get to Peru. You are going to love it!!! Until then, Karen and Victoria

Anonymous said...

Preach it brother. And I'm still reading your blog. Just finished Through Gates of Splendor. Ready to do our part to help reach the Quechua people!

Andy DeHart

Anonymous said...

Right ON Brother!

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing to know that you were listening when God spoke that message to your heart. Let me confirm what he has put on heart. There have been many times that I wasn't sure whether he was waisting his worship on me or maybe my worship of him made no difference and yet as I did my very best to carry on in a life that somehow worshipped him he did a very special thing. He brought forth a little boy that has a heart of worship for the Lord. He gave the little boy a wife that could not be a better compliment to him and he caused them to love the Lord with their heart and soul. He then blessed them with two precious souls that will take the message of Christ even farther than we have imagined. So absolutely, our worship of him is never waisted only multiplied and his worship fills our hearts to overflowing and it pours out on those around us. The worship I see in the four of you has left a lasting mark on my heart.

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