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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Childish Thoughts

I've been asked on more than one occasion recently, "Why haven't you updated your blog?" I can really only think of 2 reasons: 1- I'm a loser. And B- I guess I just haven't had anything to say (kind of like now, except I'm typing something anyway). You know you haven't blogged in awhile when you forget your own blog address.

La Carpio
That is the name of the barrio(neighborhood) where we have started helping with a children's ministry. This is one of the poorest areas I have seen in CR. Most of the people are Nicaraguan immigrants and generally there is a lot of racism directed toward them by the Ticos. Each Thursday afternoon we have a Bible story, games, and activities for a group of elementary kids. Usually, the group numbers between 50-100 (give or take 50-100). Honestly, it's hard to get that many excited kids to sit still long enough to count them. But hey, who's counting anyway?
These sweet kids are desperate for attention. When they see us pulling up in the van they start waving and smiling. Actually, everyone that sees this van starts smiling (that would be because we have 22 or so gringos packed into a 15 passenger van). But hey, who's counting anyway?
I had the opportunity to teach the Bible story this week in Spanish! It was actually not as intimidating as I thought it might be. The Lord helped me get through the lesson without making any of the dreaded pronunciation mistakes, which you find out later was actually the correct pronuciation of some word you would never say in a Bible study or to 100 children. Praise God!!!
Some of the other leaders can't go this week so I get to teach again:) I love to teach children that Jesus loves them. When I was a child I admitted to Jesus that I was a sinner and I needed his forgiveness and I wanted to follow Him. I know first hand how God can work in the heart of a child. Jesus said you can't enter the kingdom of heaven unless you become like a little child. When I came to Christ as a child it was very basic, very simple: I knew I had done things that God says not to do (that is the definition of sin); Sinners go to Hell (Holy God doesn't allow sin in His presence); Jesus died on the cross for my sins so I wouldn't have to go to Hell (He took my place because He loves me). That is the Gospel (the Good News) and children can understand its simplicity. As adults, we tend to over-analyze or add junk to it. I mean after all, we're the educated ones right? I guess it just depends on who you ask.


Jenny said...

Yea- a post from the llamas!! :) You've just made my day! Great job on the Bible study, by the way- I'm excited for you to get to do it again this week! Amen to the simplicity of the gospel! Powerful! Love y'all and miss you a whole lot!!

Anonymous said...

From the time you were a baby I couldn't have loved you more. My prayer was always that you would come to know Jesus as your Saviour at an early age and that God would somehow use me to light the way. I made many mistakes and did things I would like to have as a "Do Over", as mortal fathers do, and yet somehow you made it to Jesus. Praise the Father! I can never forget the little boy that was afraid of water, who had given his heart to Jesus one evening at home, when he tugged on my shirt sleeve just before the invitation at church one Sunday morning and said " I just want to get my babitized over." So you went up on your own and you did just that.

Just when I thought there was no way to love any greater in this life; many years later God gave us two other little boys. Now in order for these two little boys to be as precious as they are God had to give them a very special mommy, and he did. That mommy is the love of the first little boys life. Every Dad should hope and pray for a great blessing like these four to enter his life. These four were precious enough in God's sight that he called them to be used in a special way by him to show his love.

I will be very honest, I gave the first little boy to God as a love offering when he was about 3 and I prayed that God would use him to do great things for the Lord and glorify himself through the little boy. I never really let myself think about what this would mean. The day that I had to say goodbye to the little boy and the sweet love of his life and the two precious blessings God had given them I truly began to understand what our Heavenly Father felt like when he sent his little boy off to bring glory to him. Each time that I have to say goodbye God reminds me what it is like to give a great sacrifice, it hurts so much even though you know it will be imeasurably wonderful in the end. Oh how his heart must have ached and the tears that fell from his eyes - Yo comprendo este mucho.

BUT, what joy must have filled his very soul when he saw the little boy come walking home with everyone following behind him. I don't know if the little boy realized how many were watching and decided to follow, but I know the Father's heart sang out to the heavens and this time his eyes filled with tears of sheer joy.

I am praying daily that God will guard the trail that the four of you take and guide your footsteps. Heres to being forever child-like

Love Dad

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