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Monday, July 20, 2009

#2: Jordan and Trevor

Man, these 2 little guys are awesome!!! They are adjusting to the "Chavin life" very well. Since day one they have been making friends and spending a lot of time outside playing and riding their bikes in the park in front of our house.

Jordan- He has a natural gift with languages and can basically communicate anything he wants to in Spanish. He has really learned a lot since we've been in Peru. He spent this morning walking around with me and another gringo from TN inviting all the kids in Chavin to attend a sports camp. He did all of the talking and passed out all of the invitations. He lead our closing prayer in Spanish at our Bible Study this afternoon and afterwards, the 3 Peruvians began to brag on him to eachother. It was pretty cool!
He is excited about his upcoming tenth birthday, anxious about the start of homeschooling, and can't wait for his friends (the Bredbenners) to arrive from Costa Rica. They'll be here in mid August.

Trevor- Regarding Spanish, he is doing way better than I thought he would. In Costa Rica he was very shy about speaking Spanish and I thought it might be an issue here, but he has really opened up and makes an effort to talk to other kids. His personality has really been coming out since arriving in Peru. He cracks a lot of jokes and is becoming very quick witted (you have to be to survive in this family). We catch him dancing and shaking his booty quite often. He's been known to watch HS Musical with subtitles so he can sing along. He told me the other day that donkey poop was yellow on the inside. When I asked him how in the world he knew that he said, " Because I used a stick to break one open."
Duh...why didn't I think of that???
He loves to play Lego Star Wars on Wii, practice light sabers in the backyard with his brother, watch the same movie several days in a row so he can learn to quote the funny lines word for word, and play LEGOS with dad and brother.

I think they are adjusting just fine and we have a lot of fun in our home!!


MillerMissions said...

yea! we love those guys! neat kids.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear those boys re dfoing good and adjusting!!! We Love you guys, Miss you, and most of we are praying for you!!! Looking forward to more updates.

Love Shad

Anonymous said...

God is using all of you in such a special way in Peru. Part of the reason He called you there was so He could get the boys where He needed them to be used by Him. I never worried for a minute about there ability to adjust and your entry confirms that. Love and pray for all of you always.

Kathryn Siscoe said...

I'm glad to hear you're adjusting well!! If Tricia Wegman and I were to do a backpacking tour of South America, could we stay with you guys? :)

"Miss Siscoe"... aka Kate.

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