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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jordan's Birthday (Chavín Style)

Jordan turned 10 yesterday!!! We loaded up the truck and headed out to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate. We pulled out of the driveway, passed 2 donkeys, a small flock of dirty sheep, and ran over a few cow patties before we realized that the closest thing to Chuck E was probably the mouse crawling around in the attic. (Obviously that was made up, except for maybe the mouse part)

Actually, today we had a little Chavín style celebration. Well, more like our style (which just happened to take place in Chavín). Jenn made 1 1/2 dozen cupcakes with chocolate icing and candy sprinkles. Jordan told a bunch of the neighborhood kids to come over to play and eat 'queques'. Jenn was a little worried that the cupcakes didn't turn out perfect; but they wolfed those babies down in no time.

The best part was I asked the kids to sing "Felíz Cumpleaños" for Jordan. I counted to 3 and they all began mumbling in a sing-song voice "hoppy bearfday to you, hoppy bearfday to you..." I about cracked up. These little guys were all trying to sing the song in English. Not exactly what I had in mind. When it all started going horribly wrong they just cracked up laughing. Finally, I was able to get them to sing in Spanish. We finished off the party with some full court basketball and some good laughs.

Happy Birthday buddy!!! I love you.
PS- We'll get your presents when we get to Lima!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ten years has gone by in a flash. I remember watching Jordan at your house on Gordon St. while you were in class, he was a baby. He was laying on a blanket on the floor and I layed next to him talking to him. When I told him he would have to learn to trill and ask him if he could trill he busted out with baby laughter at the unusual sound. I repeated the trill sound and question several times and each time brought great baby laughs, it was such a funny and good moment. I guess he has learned to trill and his friends are trying to learn to speak english (really it's over rated). Jordan always remember that no matter how much Jesus fills my heart He always leaves room for me to carry you in their everywhere I go. What a great bearfday you had.

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