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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Filling in the Gaps

OK, so a couple of "days" have passed since I last blogged. I guess a lot has happened and I could fill you in on some of the details.

  • Jenn and the boys are well into the school year. Jordan and Trevor are excelling in their studies and they have an excellent teacher.
  • Ministry is getting done. Things don't happen very quickly here, but we have seen the Lord working in our area.
  • Our team members, Courtney and Lindsey, finished their terms in Chavín and have since returned to the US.
  • We spent Thanksgiving with our great friends the McLambs, Holemans, and Bredbenners. That was 8 adults and 10.5 niños (McLambs are expecting a girl to add to their 3 boys).
  • Someone stole the glass out of the passenger's side mirror on our truck. Apparently, there is a market for that kind of random junk in Perú.
  • I watched a sheep get slaughtered. A 12 year old girl was petting the belly of the dying animal as its unborn baby squirmed inside. Several other disturbing things were observed during this process, but I don't want to make you puke on your laptop, so you'll never know (unless you ask me).
  • I saw a chipmunk get punted across the street by a teenager. Afterwards, I was told that chipmunks actually eat/kill the people's guinea pigs (i.e. their dinner). Can't have that!
  • A bunch of other things happened, too.

Life here can be a "little" random. I don't always think to report such "strange" details, mostly because they are part of normal, everyday life around here. The next time I go days...errrrr, months without updating the blog, check out my Facebook. I find that I'm on there more frequently.

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Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

Where are you?! We are all waiting with baited breath for another crazy story!

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