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Thursday, June 26, 2008

10 & 2

Last week was an incredible time of refreshing for me spiritually. The language institute brought in a guest speaker who addressed the spiritual life of missionaries (and Christians in general). Every one of his messages really hit home with me. He spoke about trusting God, addressing sin, forgetting the past, finishing well, culture shock, language learning, things that really matter, etc. He preached every morning at chapel and every evening we had a time of worship followed by another sermon. I may be a missionary but that's just way too much "church", or so I thought at the beginning of the week. Then the Lord started working in my heart and speaking to me through his Word and his messenger. Now, I sit here thankful for every opportunity I had to worship the Father during spiritual emphasis week.

I realized one "not-so-spiritual" thing last week during one of the speaker's stories. He was describing a road rage incident he had while in the midst of culture shock. And then it hit me! I haven't sat in the driver's seat of a car since April 27, 2008. Not only that, but I may not have my hands at 10 & 2 until I get to Peru in May 2009. That's weird. Ironically, I hated to drive in the states (just ask Jenn). After seeing the wild driving in CR, I'm a little relieved not to drive here.

Some of our taxi rides have been real doozies. We had this one grandpa taxi driver that was rockin' out to some hilarious music. He was singing along like fifteen year old girl. He was working his neck like one of the Roxbury Guys and swerving through traffic like Ricky Bobby trying to catch Frenchie. In different cabs, we have heard "Thriller," "Xanadoo," and Frank Sinatra. Don't feel sorry for us; the best of US culture is only a cab ride away BABY!


Shanda said...

Hello, Brian & Jenn!
I am so glad to find out about your blog and get caught up on what has been going on with you all over the last couple of years! And I'm THRILLED to see that your vision of being on the (foreign) mission field is a reality now! The boys are precious and look so grown up! We're up to THREE boys now...Cooper was born on April 24. It's a circus around here as you might imagine! We love and miss you all, and Jenn, I'd love to catch up with you by email sometime when you have a chance. (Well, actually I'd prefer catching up over dinner at On the Border....) Thanks for praying for us, and you can be sure I'll be praying for you all as well!

MooreClan said...

Just wanted to say hello! We miss you guys, give us some updates soon. We made a blog too it is I copied you a bit!! School is about to start, the new school is AMAZING!! Wish you guys were here.

Love you all...CSBWR

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