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Friday, June 13, 2008

Mmmm...Good Toast

Everyday, at some point in the day, I catch a big whiff of TOAST. Not a little hint of dough or bread. I'm talking about an overwhelming intake of toasty goodness ascending the nasal passages. There are a lot of "panaderias" (bakeries) around town but somehow the smell travels specifically to the place where my nose is. It's random but there seems to be a pattern at the same time.

I have played basketball for 28 years but I just learned something new about the sport which I love so dearly. Apparently, when playing pick-up ball in CR, sustaining a broken rib does not automatically mean a foul will be called. Unfortunately, I learned this lesson first hand as some guy's elbow was making an indention in my rib cage. After enduring a week and a half of pain I went to the doctor, whose X-rays revealed a 'fissure' in the 2nd rib just under my collar bone. Not to fear, the pain might go away in 4-6 weeks.

Last Sunday night was a small linguistic breakthrough for me. We took a 10 minute cab ride which only took about 30 minutes to complete. While we were stuck in traffic, I had a chance to talk to the driver about his relationship with Jesus. He shared that his 2 babies had died in an auto accident and he was in an ugly custody battle for his little girl. He has reached the point where he doesn't believe God exists because his prayers always seem to go unanswered. I told him that he has something in common with God, because God knows what it is like to be without a son. Pray that God would pour his grace on Jaime and reveal His love to him in a very special way. Jesus took 5 loaves and 2 fish and fed 5,000 maybe he'll take my 5 nouns and 2 verbs and feed 1.


DeHart Happenings said...

sorry to hear about the rib, but how about that cab ride!! that's awesome, we will be praying for him and his family!!

Debbie S said...

Pan con Agua and a slice of avocado with salt.
So glad you all are enjoying the culture and food.
espero que todo esta bien.
que Dios esta con ustedes.
Debbie S

music llamas listen to :)