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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Toilet Humor

Maybe I'm still in 7th grade, but I can't help it! Funny stories about bathroom related stuff always make me laugh. Today, I learned a new saying in Spanish that I just have to share. First the context. You know how sometimes you're carrying on a conversation with someone and another person walks up in the middle and starts trying to get in on the action. Eventhough they clearly have no clue what the conversation is about, they still try to give their input. In Costa Rica, they say that person is "peeing outside the urinal!" The half of you who have actually stood at a urinal probably find that very amusing. The other half of you have probably cleaned up the bathroom after a husband or son or brother so you know exactly what's up too.

Speaking of urinals reminds me of another funny thing that happened to me a few months ago. We were at the Tico equivalent of a Love's truckstop/gas station/restaurant on the way to the beach. We all went in for a bathroom break and to buy snacks. As I was finishing my "break" I turned from the urinal only to see an 80 something-year-old woman rinsing off her dentures in the sink of the men's restroom. AWKWARD!!!!! They didn't really prepare us for cultural senarios like that during our missionary orientation. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "What the heck would YOU do in a situation like that?" I quickly spun back around like I still had some unfinished business and waited for her to get those pearly whites suctioned back in.
Once she left, all of the guys in there looked at eachother and thought in our own language, "Dude, Granny was totally in the men's room!"

Toothless Grannies always help break down language barriers!!!


Anonymous said...

It will many of us Gringos understand cultural differences if you tell us one thing. Of all the men in the restroom, regardless of ethnicity, howmany were laughing,smiling, or had the Spanky face going when Granny left the room? If it was 100% then we have found something that transcends cultures.

Anonymous said...



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