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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's Up

Hey everyone, we're still alive eventhough there haven't been any signs of blogging-life for a solid month. Sometimes a guy just doesn't have much to say publicly, other times he's just too lazy to type out his thoughts. This was definitely a case of the latter.

Over the past month we:

  • finished our second trimester of language school
  • returned to TX for my dad's surgery
  • saw our newborn nephew
  • attended our homechurch
  • ate at Chili's, On the Border, Fresco's, Chic-Fil-A
  • caught up with not nearly enough friends
  • returned to Costa Rica
  • spent a week on vacation with Jenn's parents
  • went to the beach
  • survived a 6.2 earthquake
  • started our third trimester of language school
  • and a partridge in a pear tree

We're back in class after a month of not studying on a daily basis. So far, our brains are a little rusty, but that's no different than any other day. Jenn and I are in the same grammar class for the first time since arriving in CR. Now when I fall asleep in class there is someone there to give me a jarring elbow to the ribs (someone other than the teacher, that is.)!


Jenny McLamb said...

Thanks for the update!!! Love you guys!!

MooreClan said...

Too funny!! Was missing your wit!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back on the blog. Wish you would've made it up to the WV, but we'll catch you next time.


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