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Friday, March 6, 2009

Official Business

Well, it's official! Today we became residents of Peru. We're still in Costa Rica but we finally jumped through enough hoops in the application process that the Peruvian Embassy stamped our passports with a "Resident Visa" mark. We are entering on a religious non-catholic visa. It was actually fairly easy but dealing with government offices is always a time-consuming pain in the tracero. When we left the embassy, it was a little surreal. I felt like a little kid getting excited about Christmas or something. I've felt called to Peru since I was in college and it was cool to look in my passport and see God's stamp of approval on that call.

I have a really cool opportunity to work with a volunteer mission team coming in from Tennessee tomorrow (March 7-12). They will be passing out the gospel of John in homes and telling people about the sacrifice Jesus made for them on the cross. I will be working with the team as a translator. I will have many opportunities to share with and pray for people. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would give me the right words so I will be an effective and useful vessel.

Also pray for Jenn and the boys. They won't be going on the trip with me. Pray for their safety, sanity (for Jenn), that Jordan and Trevor will get along with each other, and that they'll help Jenn out during the week.


Jenny McLamb, Peru said...

Praise God for your stamp!! :) What affirmation!!We are praying for a good time for you sharing the gospel!!! And we're praying for your sweet wife and boys that Jenn and Jordan and Trevor will have a great time while you're gone! LOVE YOU ALL!! Have fun, Brian!

Mike and Miriam Adams said...

CONGRATS!! I know you are excited and ready to be there. What a great confirmation!

Hurricane Happenings said...

that is great!! we will be praying for you and the family!! can't wait to hear about the time with the mission team!

MooreClan said...

Congratulation. I am very proud of you all!!

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