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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Latest...Finally!!!

After a 2 month 'siesta' I thought I would share the latest information related to the Pennington family. We finished out our year of language study in Costa Rica and graduated on April 24. Interestingly enough, I thought it would be funny to jack my ankle all up so I could walk with crutches for our final week in Costa Rica. So, on the 21st I rolled my ankle playing basketball.
On the 25th we flew to Lima, Peru (crutches and all). We were supposed to stay in Lima for a few days in order to get a ton of paperwork completed BUT.... I thought it would be funny if that ankle got some kind of jungle-rot/cellulitis/watery-blister infection/allergic reaction that would slowly convert into a giant CANKLE!! Since I was succesful in accomplishing my task, we have been in Lima for 11 days and counting. I have another appointment on Wed, May 6th so feel free to pray for me and that the doctors will figure this thing out.
It's fun to be a missionary!!!
At some point in the near future we will be moving to Chavín de Huántar located at about 10,500 feet altitude in the Andes. We are looking forward to the big change to rural life and are curious to see what God has in store.


MillerMissions said...

Amazing! Our best laid plans get a twist of testing for the journey! Count on us to keep on praying for you. As you pray for us, we need a house in Chimaltenango- looking but no discovery yet. We love you guys very much.
David & Glynis

Haley said...

Praying... we miss you guys and love you!

Chris said...

Love you guys and will keep you in my prayers for your ankle and the family and for what you will face in the Andes

Chris said...
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