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Sunday, August 16, 2009

One of the Perks

I have a really cool "job" if you will. That is, I get to share the love of Jesus Christ with people who do not know him personally. Because of the generous mission offerings given by Southern Baptist Churches, I actually get paid to do what Jesus commanded each of his followers to do.

There are many positive things about my "job." However, I am experiencing one of my favorite perks this week. I have the privilege of working with a group of volunteers from Idaho for 5 days. They have been here for 3 days already and we have seen the Lord do great things through the team.

My favorite part is watching how the Lord changes and molds the hearts of volunteers during their mission trip. He especially has been impacting the lives of a few of the members of the group this week. He has called them out of their comfort zones and they have responded in faith. One overcame the fear of travelling on a very steep and narrow road (which actually brought her to tears) to be blessed by the many children and mothers that were waiting for us at the top. She said that God was really stretching her this week, but in a good way. Sometimes the road is tough but it always seems to be rewarding when we travel it by the Lord's side.

This group has experienced several "firsts" during their time in Chavín. Obviously, they have had many new experiences, but I'm referring to a different kind of "first." They are the first volunteer group (as far as I know) to travel up the scary road and minister in Rúntu. They are the first group to hear the Quechua ladies in one of our Bible Studies pray out loud from their hearts instead of recite a memorized prayer (one even prayed in Quechua). Tomorrow, they will be the first group allowed to teach English and share the Gospel in the elementary school in San Marcos. God has really allowed this great group of volunteers to take part in some amazing things. I'm thankful I have been able to share these experiences with them.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Lord we serve. You were right in saying that the road that God calls us to travel is sometimes difficult, on our own we would not go, but what joy and blessing waits at the other end. You get the blessing of witnessing God work in the lives of the Quechua/local people, the volunteers, and your own and that of your family, amazing. I have been praying for this group and always pray for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Brian, It was an amazing experience for all of us but it was especially sweet for me. To see an 'average joe' like me presenting the gospel to these people. Your family's passion shined while we were there and I hope one day soon, i/we can come and serve along side of the Penningtons.

Lee Rieken

Haley said...

hey guys!! We miss you so much!! Brian, I used your blog in an example for a staff development this year when talking about voice. It is the best example of sounding EXACTLY like yourself talking. Hope to talk to you soon!

Rita Ortloff said...

So happy to find your blog. What an amazing life.
AND you get to speak Spanish every day?
Senora Green would be so proud!
- Rita (Noble)

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